What are knots?


Muscle Knots

Myofascial trigger points, more commonly known as muscle knots, are small and bump-like areas of the muscles that can be tender when touched. Although exact cause of these knots is still being studied, this is our interpretation based on what we know.

Knots, which are simply compacted tissue, can form in the shoulders, back and buttocks due to bad posture, stress or scar tissue. These knots occur when the extracellular fluid that should be water-like in consistency becomes gel-like due to strain or trauma and causes the fibres of muscle to clump together. To better understand this concept, it can be compared to cooking a packet of spaghetti: when left for a period of time, it becomes knotted and glued together. People who are most at risk for developing knots include those with poor posture and high levels of tension or stress as well as those who have recently suffered an accident.

As we age, are afflicted with disease or experience increased levels of stress, the probability of developing muscle knots increases; those living with fibromyalgia are particularly vulnerable. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce and even prevent them.

Have you noticed adhesions or knots in your muscles? These active knots, also known as trigger points, can cause pain and discomfort throughout the body. To treat them, we offer various methods such as trigger point therapy, which consists of applying pressure to the area for a set amount of time. The application of heat, deep massage and lomger, more fluid strokes may help too. This releases blockages and helps realign fibres so they are mobile again. With these techniques we can help restore movement to your body without pain. Book an appointment now and let us iron out those knots!