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Pantarei Bodywork Session
Based in Schöneberg Berlin, Northern Holistic specialises in Pantarei Bodywork. Helping you to connect your own strength and abilities, so you can use them in different situations in your life

The Pantarei Bodywork sessions costs €75 for 60 minutes and €95 for 90 minutes. Book your appointment with Northern Holistic now:

1. What is Pantarei Bodywork?

We are born with the innate ability to create changes in our own life, and in every session you will learn to use this in order to move forward in your desired direction.

The intention within a Pantarei session is to invite you to connect to your own strength and abilities, so you can use them in different situations in your life. 

This is achieved by using a combination of touch and verbal communication. Awareness of your body, thoughts, abilities, current situations and personal goals are key factors in each Pantarei session.

2. What are the benefits of a Pantarei Bodywork?

It helps you to center yourself in your body, restore a sense of wholeness, clear energetic blockages, resolve traumas, break through self-limiting thought patterns, reduce anxiety, increase creativity and increase vitality.

Each process should help you to overcome obstacles, learn different approaches to chronic conditions, let emotions be experienced throughout these processes, and to gain better clarity of purpose.  All of these experiences, along with strengthening interpersonal relationships and improving your general vitality, contribute to an enhanced experience of life.

3. What happens during sessions?

We are partners in every session.  I will guide you to articulate and explore your individual experience and clarify what you are aiming towards. 

We might move from a sitting position to lying on a massage table, and sometimes we will work standing or moving, all the while paying attention to your personal flow and pursuing the aims you have.

You will be served a special tea made of unique Persian herbs, and you will hear music made out of special healing frequencies.

Clothes: it is best to wear something comfortable for the session.  You may choose to keep on more or fewer items of clothing, depending on your level of comfort.

Session’s duration: 

The first session is typically between 60 and 90 minutes long, and further sessions usually last 60 minutes. Duration of the entire process—this depends on what you intend to achieve, your circumstances, and your availability.  During the first few sessions, we will set up clear expectations and discuss the estimated length of the process.

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