Couples Massage

Spoil Yourself And Revitalise Your Senses with one of our couples massages. You will both be in the same rooom at the same time. Try our stress busting massage and leave all those anxieties and stresses behind.
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What is a Couples Massage?

Our couples massage is pefect for those looking to pamper themselves in the same room at the same time.

Each partner can choose between our Armotherapy Massage (+€5 per person), Relaxing Massage or Deep Tissue Massage.

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Couples Massage at Northern Holistic

How much does it cost?

The Couple Massage costs €145 for 60 Mins Or €195 for 90 Mins – Please add €5 per person for Aromatherapy

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Our Couples Massage Therapists


Originally from Syria, Omar has a huge passion for Massage. He is fully certified having trained here in Berlin

He is extremely thorough in his work helping you reach a state of deep relaxation with pleasant sounds and the scent of precious oils.

Omar Northern Holistic Berlin
Hugo at Northern Holistic


Originally from France, Hugo is the most recent addition to our team. He is a fully certified Massage Therapist and takes great pride in his work.

He enjoys working on the more complex layers of the body such as the emotional, energy and soul level. In addition he makes his own massage & bath oils to help boost immunity.

Northern Holistic

At Northern Holistic our main goal is your wellbeing.

In this hectic, fast-paced, digital age age where complications from busy lifestyles and increasingly adventurous leisure activities result in aches, pains and injuries that can lessen the full enjoyment of life’s choices.

Often, we have to take a step back to reflect upon what is creating the discomforting symptoms experienced.

Sources of pain can range from any of the mental, physical and emotional aspects of our busy lives to place additional stresses upon us, yet such root causes may not always be obvious and easy to detect, that require a more comprehensive analysis and treatment procedure to help cure what ails you.

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