How Massage Can Improve The Winter Blues

03.01.23Massage, Winter

How Massage Can Help The Winter Blues

Winter can be a difficult time of the year; the dark evenings, lack of Vitamin D, and cold weather can all contribute to feeling down. One way to help alleviate these feelings is massage therapy. Massage has been known to reduce levels of depression and anxiety, helping people feel relaxed and more positive. It is also beneficial for physical and mental wellbeing, improving circulation and reducing tiredness from the long winter months. All in all, massage is an excellent way to boost your mood during winter.

Great job to everyone! Going from the festivities of December to the long winter ahead was not an easy transition. January’s optimism for the year ahead can start to fade as motivation dwindles and goals feel increasingly unattainable. These days, many people find this time of year particularly tough as it affects both physical and mental health. Low energy, difficulty waking up and cravings for sweet, starchy foods are all symptoms of the winter blues. But how can we improve the way we think and feel? Massage has been proven to be an effective way to combat the winter blues!

At Northern Holistic, we understand the importance of taking care of yourself during these cold and dark months. Massage is a great way to do this as it helps increase circulation which aids in strengthening your natural defences against winter bugs. It also decreases muscular pain, releases endorphins in the body which decrease blood pressure, improves mood and helps reset your circadian rhythm for better sleep – ultimately leading to greater overall wellness. Studies have also shown massage can help alleviate depression and improve mental health throughout the year. So make sure you pencil in some ‘me time’ this month – why not book a massage with us today?